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Chief Russia Correspondent


Deputy Bureau Chief Russia/CIS





About Andrew Osborn

8th June 2010 19:19

Andrew Osborn is Chief Russia Correspondent/Deputy Bureau Chief Russia and CIS for Reuters based in Moscow. Andrew rejoined Reuters in 2012 after a 14-year stint as a newspaper foreign correspondent in Moscow and Brussels.  

A Brief Biography

September 2015-: Chief Russia Correspondent/Deputy Bureau Chief for Reuters based in Moscow.

July 2014-August 2015: Deputy UK Bureau Chief for Reuters based in London.

January 2013-August 2015: Chief UK Political Correspondent for Reuters based in London, writing about Britain and British politics. 

February 2012-December 2012: Editor/reporter for Reuters based in London following Russia, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East among other regions.

September 2009-February 2012: Moscow correspondent for The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. Notable stories  included covering the rise of grassroots opposition to Vladimir Putin, Kremlin politics, the US-Russia spy swap, the Moscow metro bombings, the Polish presidential plane crash, Ukraine’s presidential election, and a coup d’etat in Kyrgyzstan. 

May 2007-August 2009: Moscow correspondent for The Wall Street Journal. Stories included Russia’s 2008 war with Georgia, the 2008 Russian presidential election, and assorted political killings. In 2008, Andrew was part of a reporting team short-listed for a Pulitzer prize for international reporting. 

February 2004-April 2007: Moscow correspondent for The Independent. In 2004, Andrew covered the Beslan school siege in which at least 334 hostages died, including 156 children. His coverage of the tragedy was rated as the best in the UK by the British Press Gazette. The Independent nominated him for a British foreign correspondent of the year award. 

April 2000-February 2004:  Europe correspondent for The Guardian and The Observer based in Brussels. Almost 1,000 stories carried his by-line. Political and business stories from the EU were combined with features from across Europe. Stories included the Slobodan Milosevic trial, the Pim Fortuyn assassination, and the emergence of far right political parties throughout Europe.

April 1998-April 2000: Reporter for Reuters in Brussels covering the European Union.